1. I have always felt the same way you have. I know that others don’t though. And like you said others can’t so I think in these circustances we should pitch in and offer more help than we usually do. My sister in law has always had great jobs and has always worked. My brother has always been the stay at home dad since the babies were born. For awhile he even took care of his sister in laws children at the same time as his! He had his hands full. I have always wished I could have been close enough to help out. I think we should include other peoples children in our lives more often than we do and think of them as family. If more people did this we would have less trouble in the world.

  2. Linda Wright

    Awesome post, Brittany! You and your family are indeed blessed. It is great to see that you know & recognize that these are blessings from God. Keep up the good work. Love to you all,
    Aunt Linda

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