1. Jessica

    Well said, Brittany. Nothing about parenthood is easier, whether you have 1 child or 11. It’s so easy in this age of Pinterest and blogs and Instagram to get caught up in the “ideal” and wonder why we’re failing when our craft projects and cookies don’t turn out right. While I’m not against idea sharing and seeking to add more beauty to our lives, I think the mess is REAL life and we should all be encouraged that everyone has their own! No matter how the pictures look. 😉 Keep up the good fight. I have been battling my own depravity and weakness of late, too, and pray for an outpouring of grace to love my son as I can, and point to God to meet all the needs that I can’t. You’re a great mom!

    • thegentlehome

      Great comment Jessica 🙂 Oh yes, depravity is a good word for it. But I’ve been skimming through this book called Give Them Grace by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick and it is refreshing to hear that failure is often the point (especially when I’m face to face with my own). God is glorified in our failures probably more than our successes and boy am I grateful for that!

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